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migration services

  • Lack of in-house expertise.
  • Disruption to in-house expertise needs to be minimized.

Through the support and expertise of the Expedient team of data center technicians and support staff, you will receive a full migration strategy engineered to ensure that your transition to our enterprise-class data centers is fast, secure and leaves you worry-free.
Whether migrating your Active Directory and Exchange email environment, a virtual environment, or your racks of physical servers, Xybo3’s migration solutions ensure a seamless, efficient and secure transition.


    Xybo3’s physical migration services offer a un-rack, pack, ship and re-rack migration strategy – resulting in the secure transitioning of your physical servers, hardware, and physical storage equipment into an enterprise-class data center.


    With our virtual migration services, we work to ensure the successful migration of your physical or virtual infrastructure to an Expedient hosted or dedicated virtual colocation environment. Our staff will coordinate the physical transport or over-the-wire transport of your servers – identifying critical components and developing a strategic migration plan that ensures minimal disruption to data, services and application availability.


    Migrate your current Active Directory and Exchange email environment into a hosted or dedicated environment. Our Exchange Migration services offer you the full support of Xybo3’s best practices, expert resources and support personnel – meaning a successful migration with minimal disruption to your daily workflow.

server management

  • Lack of in-house expertise or limited IT staff.
  • Lack of 24x7x365 support.
  • Offloading tedious server management tasks would allow your business to focus on core competencies.

Are your servers getting the maintenance, support and patching they need? We’re here to help. Expedient is able to provide your managed dedicated servers with the experience and knowledge of server management, including upgrades, fixes, monitoring, support and patching, so that you can focus on the heart of your business

Firewall Solutions

    Shared firewall service provides N+1 hardware redundancy. Deploying redundant firewalls allows for maximum uptime and minimal security risks.
    Firewall options are managed by trained pros—no need to be tied down with tedious security issues. Outside administrators manage your firewalls, allowing you to focus on critical projects. Comanagement options are also available.
    Our data center approach complements a variety of government compliance requirements, including SOX, PCI DSS and HIPAA, supported by third-party SOC attestation—offering the transparency and security necessary to meet your compliance and regulatory expectations.
    With the ability to DMZ or VLan traffic according to customer needs, Xybo3’s network firewalls are flexible, providing a wide range of solutions from PCI compliance to port blocking. Application firewall services are available

    Xybo3 Configures ,maintains and troubleshoot Cyberoam, Sonic wall, Cisco, Watchguard and opensource firewalls
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Security Systems

  • CCTV Security System
  • Security Alarm System
  • Time Attendance & Access Ctrls
  • PABX & PA System
    ( Add pictures of security cameras)


Advanced Network Solutions makes it simple for your business to get the infrastructure it needs. Whether implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one or simply adding an application, we provide end-to-end service. By designing and implementing networks, we help your business operate more efficiently.


  1. Local Area Networks

We provide Local Area Network (LAN) analysis, consulting, design, implementation, diagnostics, management, administration, and training.

2. Wide Area Networks

We provide Wide Area Network (WAN) analysis, consulting, design, WAN hardware, interconnectivity hardware, voice over IP (VOIP) / Frame Relay / MPLS / DSL, and more.

3. Structured Cabling Systems

You’ll receive site analysis, cable management design, data and voice cable installations, and vendor-specific cable configurations.

4. Remote Network Monitoring

Advanced Network Solutions monitors your network from our secure network operations center (NOC). When an error occurs, we will notify you, and our certified technicians will quickly resolve the issue.

5. Secure Wireless Solutions
  • Secure Wireless Solutions include the following:

  • Pre-assessment and wireless LAN site analysis, design creation, and maintenance

  • Implementation and management

  • Hardware procurement and deployment

  • Wireless network management, performance reporting, and maintenance

  • Security review, implementation, and authentication

  • Maintenance and problem-resolution upgrades and changes, detection, resolution, remediation, and proactive SLA notification

Enterprise Security Solutions

Enterprise Security Solutions protect an enterprise’s information assets through holistic management of security components and mitigate adverse impact on confidentiality, Integrity and availability


  • Real-time analysis of security data helps in detecting attacks in progress
  • Analyzing both firewall and intrusion detection data raises the awareness of security threats exponentially
  • Correlating external threat activity with the unique requirements of your organization’s environment results in actionable, prioritized remediation recommendations
  • Seamlessly integrate compliance reporting with fully-customizable configuration auditing standards, to provide “one stop shop” for both internal and external auditors

Collect real-time information regarding file integrity and the transfer of data to removable media devices on servers and workstations, and correlate with other relevant security information including other configuration and asset data, performance metrics, and network flow data


  • Reduce exposure to sensitive data loss
  • Improve incident response time
  • Identify security threats quickly with comprehensive correlations
  • Reduce security operations costs with standardized processes
  • Leverage security intelligence to improve security posture
  • Security log data and detailed reports support your IT policy and regulatory compliance requirements


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About US

Xybo3 IT Solution was formed by a team of IT professionals with the aim of providing optimized IT Infra management support ,Solution Designing, Providing quality end-to-end IT infrastructure implementation and management, delivered through process driven delivery methodology.


Our continued success is due to making long-term commitments with our customers. We ensure that their investments in network infrastructure are supported throughout the network’s life.